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Frontiers 5: Erin's Law, Remembering Bree


July 9th 2015 The Alaska Safe Childrens Act "Bree's Law & Erin's Law" are signed into law by Governor Walker.



May 2018 Bree's Second Bill "HB214" passes the House

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Bree's Law Bill Signing HB214 at Southcentral Foundation 2018


                     Bree's Law Bill Signing HB214 at Southcentral Foundation 2018

2019 TDVAM Anch pic.jpg
2019 TDVAM Anch.jpg

2019 Anchorage TDVAM 

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Missing or murdered? In America's deadliest state, one family is still searching for answers

Alaska is considered the deadliest state for women. A staggering 59% of women there have experienced violence.

Lindsay Schnell, USA TODAYUpdated 10:57 a.m. ADT July 1, 2019

In 2018 the Alaska Legislature passed HB-214 and on July 12th 2018, the Governor signed into Law  the ‘Bree Moore Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Program’ to develop dating violence prevention cirricula to be taught throughout Alaska,  This Law also names February as teen dating violence awareness month In Alaska.

"On February 2nd 2018, Governor Bill Walker signed a proclamation naming February as teen dating violence awareness month In Alaska, in honor of Bree Moore and the many other young Alaskan victims who have suffered or lost their lives because of an unhealthy dating relationship. 


This Bree's Law PSA campaign teaches parents and youth how to spot red flags of an unhealthy relationship, what to do if you suspect abuse, and where to go for help."

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